Facebook; still leading the pack


Facebook has by far the biggest reach out of all of the social media platforms. It allows users to interact with not only each other, but with brands and brand communities on so many more levels in comparison to other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. With no word limit and the ability to share pictures, videos and even GIFs, it’s no wonder that more and more brands are spending more time and money on marketing on Facebook. The below article lists 9 of the biggest brands on Facebook and talks about their marketing efforts on the social media platform.



#girlboss’s on Instagram

The women behind social media success story, Frank body, talk about the do’s and don’ts of marketing on social media.


How Snapchat Can Reach a New Audience

Snapchat allows brands to show a whole new side of themselves to a younger demographic however many brands are still unsure on how to utilise the platform to their advantage. As a social media platform snapchat follows different rules than other platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest where the final images are tunes and filtered to perfection. Snapchat users want to see the raw and messy behind the scenes action that they do not have access to anywhere else. Like all marketing plans, companies need to heavily consider and map out their plans for snapchats and allocate time and resources to the platform. Read about how some fashion brands are failing to utilise the full potential of Snapchat here; https://www.yahoo.com/style/why-are-fashion-brands-joining-snapchat-doing-120215565423.html

How Snapchat is Different From Other Platforms

Brands can use snap chat as a way to create a more intimate online community amongst enthusiastic consumers. By showing backstage and behind the scenes snaps, companies are allowing consumers to have access to the usually inaccessible parts of a company. The below passage further explains how and why fashion brands are using snapchat as a marketing tool during fashion week; otherwise you can read the full article here; https://www.luxurydaily.com/snapchat-enables-intimate-storytelling-during-fashion-month/

“This season has been flooding snapchat feeds everywhere for two main reasons: to expand fashion brand’s storytelling marketing strategies and to provide fans with the incentive and opportunity to experience the brand in different ways,” said Morgan Jones, digital account executive at Say it Social, Wilmington, NC.

“Storytelling is huge in the marketing industry right now because it personifies brands in a way that the audience can connect with on a personal level, or aspire to connect with,” she said.

“At the same time, the luxury fashion brand has always been for the most part mysterious and out of reach for the everyday fashionista. Giving an inside look to fans via Snapchat allows those to be able to experience more than they would even if they were sitting in front row of a runway show.”

How Fashion Brands Can Successfully Use Snapchat as A Marketing Tool

This article from WGSN wrote about five fashion brands that successfully used Snapchat as a marketing tool in 2015. A key takeaway from the article is how to use the platforms features to diversify from competitors. For example creating a buzz and sense of urgency amongst consumers to follow the brand to see live updates at fashion shows as the content disappears after 24 hours. This encourages passionate fans to follow the brands on the platform. Brands such as Michael Kors and Balmain also used young models and influencers on their snap chat to attract a younger demographic. You can read the full article here: https://www.wgsn.com/blogs/snapchat-the-five-brands-that-got-it-right-in-2015/